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The music scene has spoken. We have listened.

Gigody offers artists, venues, and fans the tools they
need to manage all aspects of their musical endevours.
Management through social simplicity.

It's time to get with the program. It's time to take real control. We are the artists. We are the venues. And yes, we are even the fans. Countless hours have gone into, and continue to go into the shaping and defining of Gigody, to bring the best possible solution to common issues we face, to all in the music scene. This isn't just your mom's plain vanilla, let me throw up a picture and some music, kind of site. Calendar management, social networking, true artist and venue performance analytics, fan participation...all at your fingertips, from your PC or moble device. Book a tour in 15 minutes, or just listen to great music. The control is yours.

The Genesis

What do you get when you have a bunch of frustrated musicians and venue owners who happen to know a bit about programming sitting around the table? An epiphany. A collaboration. That's exactly how this journey came to start. But we went further. We took our ideas to the streets, clubs and bars, rehersal spots, studios...just about everywhere we could think. Then we listened. The result? Well, let's just say when that timer runs out and Gigody hits the net, the lack of control over your musical endevours will be a thing of the past.
We didn't stop with just musicians, or the venues, or the fans either. We have collected dozens of ideas from the tech nerds too. We sifted through all the input and excitement that we received over the last year to come up with a set of seriously impactful tools. Usable tools. The kind that really excite artists and venues alike. And yes, we put a lot of thought into the fans too. They get their own set of tools to help push their favorite artist or venue through the roof.

I have seen some really good stuff on the prototype. I'm seriously jacked. This will be a seriously helpful tool for my band to land better out of town shows!

Randy M., Drummer
We are poised to change the way the music scene manages their image and activities. Be sure to sign up for the news letter and shoot us a question if you'd like. Stay tuned for launch!

Walk the walk

Yes, we talk the talk. So, let's get into a little bit of walking the walk. Hours upon hours have gone into the design work for Gigody. When the dust settles, we will have a definitive suite of tools for everyone involved. The artists. The venues. The fans. Nobody gets left out. We decided to wet your appetite a bit and compiled a list (although not complete - we have to have a few surprises!) to give you an idea of out-of-the box features and functionality.

Built by artists and venues, for artists and venues.

Everything an artist could want...

These are features that we shook out of all the ideas that came for with for the artists. Please note that this list is not a representation of all the features, rather the core features and technologies being built into the site. Have an idea? It's not too late to send us a line and let us think it over. We always welcome input from the scene. Afterall, this is your toolkit, and if we use your idea, we'll throw you a bone.

Feature What It Does
Custom Profiles This is core to who you are. Your profile will be customizable to accurately represent who you are as an artist. All the stuff core to who you are and what you want your audience to see. Generate printable Electronic Press Kits (EPK), sell songs and merch, upload and share pictures, music, and videos. Assemble an army of followers and fans, and much more!
Active Timeline If the other big social networking site can do it (you konw the one), then so can we. See realtime activity on your timeline, whether you set it up for a local stream or global. Tailor your activity stream to see want you want, and nothing you don't.
Calendar System This is one of our core pieces. Manage your time and have visibility. Let your calendar work for you. Add and remove rehersals and events, which triggers audience messaging, and gets the word out for you via timelines, emails, or SMS. Dates for shows automatically show on your calendar when you book on a venues profile.
Rating System Tired of crapy venues? Rate them! Show fellow artists what was good or bad about a venue by rating them in our system. High ratings help the venues get better quality shows. Rate based on various criteria such as crowd, lighting, sound, management, pay and overall venue quality.
Intelligent Notification Whether your getting the word out for a show, looking for one, or just need to replace that lazy bassist. Notification is at the heart of visibility. Post to timelines, locally or globally, send artist-only messages, post virtual fliers at a venue, or blast all your fans that follow you. Several methods are available, such as in-system mail or SMS.
Charts and Graphs We all love them. They tell us so much. We have developed and included a whole host of charts and graphs. True business analytics to see everything from your earnings, to your audience participation, to all the shows you've played on a map. Shape your artistic endeavors based on real data, provided by venues, fans, and your habits.
Cost Effective Let's face it. There is a reason they call us starving artists. You shouldn't have to give the proverbial arm-and-a-leg for great service. We don't have subscriptions. Our model is based on the token system. Buy a few tokens, then spend them. Don't be locked down to spending money if you don't need to. Our costing model let's you get a lot accomplished for just a few bucks (literally) a month. Seriously broke? Your fans can even donate tokens to their favorite artists, with a true "pay it forward" system.
Technology Minded If you're like most artists that are seriously trying to perfect your craft, then chances are you are not behind your computer all day. For this reason, a top priority in development has been availability for the artist on the go. Whether you do your business on a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop, or a PC, we have you covered. Total technological compatibility is a must in today’s fast-pace world.
Be the driving force for great shows...

It can be said that there is just as much diversity in venues, as there is in artists. We definitely took this into consideration in developing the venue side of this equation. Venues are an ever evolving business, expected to keep pace with an industry in constant flux. Welcome to the site that will help you shape who you are, driving higher quality artists to your venue, increasing revenue by packing the house.

Feature What It Does
Custom Profiles Just like the artists, this is core to who you are. Proud of your setup? Showcase it! Your profile will be able to tell your perspective audience, artists and fans alike, why they should be looking to book that next great show with you. Showcase that stage and lighting system by uploading images. Advertise your drink specials and much more. You'll have a wealth of tools to get the word out on how your venue is the next hotspot in town.
Active Timeline Want to keep tabs on the local or regional scene? Venues will have the same great benefit as artists do from a custumizable timeline. Keep tabs on artist and fan chatter. A virtual crystal ball of what is happening on the scene, and how you can utilize the information to stay on top.
Calendar System Post timeslots to your calendar and have artists apply for the timeslot. Take a look at their profile to see what they bring, and approve or deny based on what you see. Select artists that bring their 'A' game. Created timeslots automatically push to the music scene, whether local or regional. This is totally free to all venues, no exceptions or fine-print. Get your shows in minutes, rather than depending on 'who you know'. Attract great out-of-town artists, and even see what fellow venues have to say about artists.
Rating System Tired of booking artists that bring 2 people? Rate artists on a number of criteria including, sound, audience, performance and general professionalism. Allow other venues to take notice of how well the bands are doing. A great tool to let artists and venues alike know if they are worth a second shot, or even a first one.
Notification and Advertising Easily get the word out about a great show or event with Gigody's notification system. Push messages to artist or fan timelines, emails, or optional SMS. Want a direct approach to attract great artists loads of fans? Gigody offers venues a unique advertisement model to target artists directly on their profiles, totally optional. 100% visibility for a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, directly targeted to exactly who you want.
Charts and Graphs Venues are a business. Performance charts and graphs are a great way to visualize exactly what your venue is doing. From shows, to fan attendance per band, there are a number of visual aids to help make more informed decisions and drive you venue to the top.
What is the cost? We recognized early on that the venues are a major driving force, THE cog that makes this work right. So, in light of that, the price tag for venues is - zero. That's right, nothing. Every venue will have the ability to build a great profile and take advantage of all the core feature for the low price of FREE. Now having said that, there will be a few extras offered for venues to take advantage of, but those are all optional and will never prevent a venue from utilizing the core features listed above.
Technology Minded Gigody offers the same great technological flexibility to venues, as it does artists. With the understanding that technology and communication on the web transcends technology, we have made it just as easy for venues to perform all the same tasks from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC, just like artists can.
Join an army of fans, and push your favorite artist to the top...

This site is not all about artists and venues. It's about the music scene as a whole. That means you - the fan. On Gigody, fans have a voice. A big one. You'll be able to follow all your favorite artists and venues. Stay on top of the scene. Get out there and support your favorite artists!

Feature What It Does
Fan Profiles Fans will have the ability to create profiles to stay connected to their favorite artists and venues utilizing all the great features of major social media sites. Upload those great pictures and videos you took at that last show and tag them to the artist.
True Artist Support Really want to see an artist in your area? Unique technology allows artists see where they are creating demand, based on fan requests. Throw your favorite artist a hand with our unique token-donation system. A true pay-it-forward system allows the fans to help enable artists.
Top Charts and Ratings Fans will have the ability to rate both, artists and venues based on a number of criteria. Help drive your favorite artists visibility to the top by rating them highly. Our technology pushes the highest rated venues and artists up the charts and onto our front-page "Chart-Toppers" carosel, seen globally. Space is limited, so this is a great way to reward awesome artists and venues - 100% global visibility to EVERYONE on Gigody!
Need some gear? Fans will have the ability to make purchases on your favorite artist’s pages and pay via cold hard cash or tokens. If you chose tokens, the system automatically credits the artist or venue, in effect allowing them to spend their tokens on more shows and other great services. Artists will have the option of choosing between payment forms.
Graphs? Yes. Even fans will have a few graphs to oogle over. Track artists and venues visually. A great way to stay engaged with the scene.

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